Exclusive Camila Batmanghelidjh & Jodhi May Interview Audio Recording

Artwork from Kids Company Photo by Jodhi May
Artwork from Kids Company Photo by Jodhi May

Following the recent unprecedented government intervention into the management of the Kids Company charity, The New Idealist has released previously unpublished audio featuring Kids Company Founder/Chief Executive Camila Batmanghelidjh & Game of Thrones/Last of the Mohicans actress Jodhi May discussing Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ project and Camila’s therapeutic techniques for dealing with extremely damaged children.

Key Points include:

  • Camila’s ominous warning that ‘the government are trying to pull the rug from under me’ due to her consistent highlighting of the failings of children’s social services in Britain.
  • Camila’s attempts to warn Downing Street three weeks before the August 2011 riots that the streets were ‘going to blow up’.
  • Camila’s reveal that a British Prime Minister told her that ‘Children’s social services is not fit for purpose but none of us want to go near it’.
  • Camila’s therapeutic techniques for dealing with extremely damaged children.
  • Camila’s plans for the Kids Company SEE THE CHILD/CHANGE THE SYSTEM campaign which sought to champion the government to improve the standard of care for disadvantaged children in Britain.



In November 2013 Jodhi May joined The New Idealist magazine as a special Guest Editor for the fourth issue scheduled for release in February 2014.

The New Idealist often features ‘conversational’ interviews with boundary-pushing figures. The previous issue featured interviews with Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty and US government whistleblower James Bamford.

As Guest Editor, Jodhi requested to meet Camila as she was interested to find out more about the work Kids Company does with disadvantaged children.

A meeting was subsequently arranged at the Kids Company Head Office in London where Jodhi and Camila discussed the ground-breaking work of the charity. As Managing Editor and host of the interview I arranged the logistics of the interview and ensured everything recorded correctly and Jodhi conducted the interview.

The audio recording was never intended for publication, however the decision was taken by The New Idealist in July 2015 to release this audio with the permission of those involved following recent news events and the unprecedented government intervention into the management of Kids Company.

Whilst The New Idealist remains neutral to the issues raised in the press, it is important to highlight that Kids Company works with the most difficult to reach children and the ground-breaking work that Kids Company has done with art therapy helps children and young adults express their trauma and improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing in ways which cannot be measured by government statistics.

The photo at the top of this page was taken from an artwork exhibition produced by Kids Company children which was displayed at the Royal Academy of Art in December 2013.

The emotional boost to children from traumatic backgrounds of seeing their art on display at such a prestigious venue cannot be measured and will not show up in any government statistics yet the children involved will remember that experience for the rest of their lives.

Lydia Andal,

Managing Editor, The New Idealist

Excerpts from this interview also featured in The New Idealist magazine Issue Four which can be downloaded free of charge here.

Please note: This interview contains the use of an expletive and has brief edits for confidentiality reasons.

Jodhi May & Camila Batmanghelidjh CBE



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